Small Increments Add Up Over Time

Small Increments Add Up Over Time

Not just in the world of Development but also in life in general growth happens in small increments which add up to huge amounts over time. I am writing this to remind myself of this axiom. Because when you are on the path; of learning and pursuing your discipline it can be difficult to see the big picture. When you can't immediately see the fruits of your labour, doubt can easily creep in. Compounded by the fact of the sacrifices you may have made in pursuit of your goal. The thought can easily overwhelm you, leaving you drained and doubting yourself.

So let this be a reminder to you that progress comes with time. The effort you put in day in and day out, taken in isolation may feel minuscule, but over a span of time adds up to something big.

The true value of the work does not lie in the achievement of the desired end but in the pursuit of a greater ideal, all things considered. Because without strife there can be no development of character, no incentive for growth. In overcoming that obstacle we can elevate ourselves to a higher plane. I say this because of the temptation of choosing the easier path, the pitfall of choosing the path of least resistance. Upon choosing this path you may sacrifice what you could gain in the future for a short-term gain. That is not what you want. You've dreamt of great things for yourself in the future but they can be compromised by the comfort of an immediate alleviation from your present situation.

In your heart, you know that this is not what you want, you know what you desire. You know that it is achievable but the current you may have lost sight of that. Therefore remind yourself of this axiom. Remind yourself that you are in the process of growth and that all that you desire will come with time, God willing.

"Something great can come from a modest beginning. Don't give up on the project - mighty oaks from little acorns grow!"